Windows Mail Configuration

Windows Mail Configuration for Existing Account

  1. Select Tools->Accounts…
  2. Configure an existing mailbox by selecting the account and then click Properties
  3. Select the General tab and add your Name, and email address by replacing with your valid email box you created on the server via cPanel.
  4. Check Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing




Server Tab in Properties

  1. Enter POP3 for My incoming mail server is
  2. Incoming and outgoing mail is where you replace the with your valid domain name, with mail. included.
  3. Check “My server requires authentication and make sure to click Settings button and make sure to select Use same settings as my incoming mail server.



Advanced Tab in Properties

  1. Set Outgoing Mail (SMTP) to port 587
  2. Set Incoming Mail (POP3) to port 995
  3. Check This server requires a secure connection (SSL) for both SMTP and POP3




If you are still unable to connect to the server after using this configuration, please open a help desk ticket and give us a copy of the error message and the name of the email client that you are using.