Scripts with External Email Recipients

Rejected Mail and DMARC Guidelines

Most free email providers like gmail, yahoo, and AOL are cracking down on spam by blocking email servers that send spam. They are enforcing DMARC guidelines for email generated by forms, mail scripts or mailing lists. Reject may result if you send email through any script or form that goes to one of these providers directly instead of a local email account on the server. Send your mail to a local email box and save yourself a lot of trouble with this DMARC blocking problem. No? Then read on…

Configure Scripts for DMARC Compliance

  • Set up your form or script’s FROM address to your site’s email address e.g.
  • Set the REPLY-TO address to the form user’s address e.g.
  • Use the site’s email not the server’s email address for the FROM and REPLY-TO
  • FROM and REPLY-TO fields may be required to be unique email addresses to avoid rejection.

We have already conformed server wide to the DMARC guidelines by providing SPF and DKIM keys within the *DNS zone file configurations of all of our hosted domains.

*The DNS servers are, and any other nameservers may not conform to DMARC guidelines.