Dedicated Servers

Why You Need Your Own Dedicated Server

It all comes down to security, speed, and flexibility. Dedicated server hosting is the most stable and reliable hosting available. Having your own server space can make your hosting more secure and speed up your business. The flexibility of a dedicated server allows fully customizable features perfectly tuned to your website or reseller accounts. On a Buzix managed server you’ll never have to worry about server performance.

Most Secure and Stable Hosting

Dedicated servers are the most secure hosting platform. They are easy to manage and have more access control which offers protection from incursions. No worries about insecure scripts, malware or email issues. The server response time is faster since it’s not impacted by load or interruptions not under your control. Applications, software and components can be uploaded at your discretion by our expert support management team. You own all of the system resources. Things like processor power, disk space and memory are all yours.

Our dedicated servers feature a highly stable version of Linux® that provides business level reliability. Linux offers support for cPanel, PHP, MySQL, or Perl scripting languages and MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. Flexibility and functionality makes the highly stable Linux operating system the superior option for your server.

Customized Features Enhance Your Hosting Experience

Every business is unique. That’s why we don’t offer cookie cutter servers. With a Buzix customized server you select from options such as processors, memory, hard drive capacity and storage controllers. Whether your hosting requirements include high traffic websites, multiple websites or full control over server resources, we’ll help you choose the options to best fit your business and your budget.

With a fully configured and skillfully managed Buzix dedicated server, you can be confident your most challenging business hosting needs will be met now and in the future. We handle the management, you concentrate on running your business. Contact our Sales Department today and we’ll get you started on the next level of hosting.