Dec 14th Spam Blocks

The major email providers and major spam lists have removed from their spam lists. There are still some smaller spam lists that are blocking email. These blocks should be removed soon.ADDED 3:30 pm EST - All sites are now restricted to sending a maximum of 100 emails per hour to avoid future spam blocks. Our focus is on ... Read More »

Dec 12th Spamcop block

Spamcop has blocked the server from sending email. Please bear with us while we correct this issue. You will have to send your mail elsewhere until this is cleared.

Thank you,
Buzix Support

Mar 13th Current News

AWSTATS goneAwstats is not longer working on our servers due to its poorly written architecure that eats CPU more than anything else on the server ever did. You should be using Google Analytics instead as it is much more comprehensive and efficient. Google "google analytics" for more info.Free SSLAll of the sites on our servers are given free ssl ... Read More »

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